Welcome to the new Diamond Valley Fire Department (DVFD) website.  Effective January 1, 2017, the Diamond Valley Fire Special Service District assumed fire district administration duties as the new board of directors for the Diamond Valley Community.  The members of the DVFD began rebuilding the department as a major 2017 goal acquiring much needed equipment to be a fully operational fire and rescue department. We hope this new website provides DVFD and educational information to the residents of Diamond Valley.


Diamond Valley Fire District Boundaries Map

Diamond Valley Community Below Beautiful Pine Valley Mountains

Diamond Valley History:

Unlike many settlements in Washington County, the Diamond Valley area does not have a historical pioneer heritage. The private property in Diamond Valley has been owned by many owners over the years and it appears to have been used primarily for ranching and livestock grazing. In the late 1950’s, Arlen D. Moore began purchasing property in the Diamond Valley area and consolidating much of the landownership in the valley. Mr. Moore was responsible for the construction of a ranch house in the northern end of the valley. He also constructed livestock stables, a bunk house, a pond, and developed much of the original water supply that now serves the community.

In the early to mid-1970’s, a group of local investors joined together in purchasing the Moore property and created an organization known as Diamond Valley Ranches, Inc. This started the development of Diamond Valley, and the beginning of what has come to be known today as the Diamond Valley community. Over the years, Diamond Valley has developed into a quiet, attractive community located off State Highway 18, and nestled in the valley that was originally the Moore Ranch.

Geographically, Diamond Valley lies about midway between the “historic” boundary of the City of St. George, and the unincorporated town of Veyo. About the same time as the development of Diamond Valley was taking place, other developments were springing up along State Highway 18, including the communities of Winchester Hills, Dammeron Valley, and its companion development of Pinion Hills. Diamond Valley is reached via State Highway 18 between St. George and Enterprise which is located at the north end of the county.

The topography of the valley generally slopes from north to south and is surrounded by relatively low hills sloping toward the Pine Valley Mountains. The valley itself slopes generally toward the south and was, at one time, self-contained. This means that it was a closed valley with no outlet at the south end of the valley, in effect creating a “dry lake” in times of storm runoff. The closed valley has been breached to allow water to escape from the valley into the lava rocks at the southern end. The community of Diamond Valley is generally identified as including about 19.1 square miles (13,582.0 acres) of land. (Source: “The General Plan For The Community of Diamond Valley 2010 – 2011 [A part of the Washington County General Plan 2010]; Prepared by The Washington County Planning Department)